Archived and played episodes reappear in up next

  • I’ve recently started using PocketCasts and I’m generally liking it.

    But I’m having a problem that looks like some kind of bug.

    I listen to podcasts and they leave the Up Next, and are archived.

    But, in a couple days or so, they appear as new episodes again. I currently have about 11 episodes in my up next and are archived. When I select them, the screen with the play button and the download / up next / mark played / archive buttons shows me that these episodes are in the Up Next queue, are PLAYED and are ARCHIVED (depending on their previous state). I think this must be a bug because it does not make sense to have an archived episode in Up Next.

    Here’s a screen recording of me viewing a bunch of episodes like the above

    I do have these podcasts set to Auto Add to Up Next. I used to have some to Auto Download but opted to disable it. I’ve recently removed most of the playlists and disabled notifications but haven’t tested if that makes any difference yet.

  • Hi @carlosefonseca 👋

    It seems odd that archived and played episodes are getting added back to the Up Next queue. Do you use Pocket Casts on multiple devices? If so, can you please list down the device details (model and OS version) and the Pocket Casts app version?

  • Hi! I do not use it on multiple devices. Only iPhone and the respective Apple Watch. I’m on an iPhone 12 Mini 16.4.1 (a) and I’ve recently updated to 7.38. I think this has stopped happening in the last couple days. I’ll have to test messing with the settings and see if that has anything to do with that issue or it was the 7.38 update that fixed something.

  • Thanks for the update, @carlosefonseca!

    If you notice the issue occur again, please feel free to reach out. It sounds like this may have been an issue we fixed in v7.38 :)

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