Bug: Volume Boost stops

  • Using Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 I like to enable ‘Volume Boost’ to increase the volume of the podcasts instead of increasing the system volume on my smartphone, but I notice that after 1 hour or so the ‘Volume Boost’ functionality seems to slowly stop.

    I know it’s not my ears or my imagination because when I go to the ‘playback effects’ and toggle the ‘Volume Boost’ setting off and then back on again – doing so instantly restores the loudness that ‘Volume Boost’ provides.

    This volume inconsistency or fluctuation bug does not happen for the podcasts I’m subscribed to where ‘Volume Boost’ is disabled, so this feels like a problem with the actual ‘Volume Boost’ feature itself.

    I’d like to keep using ‘Volume Boost’ as I find it handy, but the ‘Volume Boost’ decreasing in volume after about 1 hour makes things annoying.

    After 1 hour I need to either pump up the system volume on my smartphone, or I need to open the ‘Pocket Casts’ app, navigate to ‘Playback Effects’ and toggle the ‘Volume Boost’ button off and back on.

    I’ve tried restarting my smartphone, uninstalling Pocket Casts, giving Pocket Casts foreground and background access, but nothing helps. The ‘Volume Boost’ using my earbuds only actually works for an hour.

    If Anybody has any advice on what I can try to do next to get ‘Volume Boost’ working better then I’d appreciate it.

  • Why does nobody respond? Everyone just likes to post in the generic soft ball threads.

  • Hi, @thethingking91! The Pocket Casts support team is small, and we’re currently going through a high volume of requests. So, we appreciate your patience during this time.

    Going back to your issue, do you notice the same behavior with Volume Boost stopping even if you listen directly on your phone’s speakers (so, without your Galaxy Buds and with Bluetooth completely disabled)? This will help us narrow down the cause of the issue.

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