Feature request: Bringing back skipping buttons in Android media notification

  • It seems like in v7.38 of the Android app, the buttons for skipping back or forth a couple seconds in the Android media notification have been removed. Now, to skip back 10 seconds to re-listen to something I have missed, or to skip forward 30 seconds to skip over an ad, I have to get into the app first. This is a major usability downgrade. Furthermore, I have been using SimpleWear to skip back and forth through an episode from my Pixel Watch. Since the buttons have been removed, this isn’t possible at all anymore. Please bring the buttons back to the media notification!

  • @tondwg2 Thanks for giving us a heads-up!

    We know about this issue, and we’ll release a fix in the next version (7.39). As soon as it becomes available, kindly update your app and let us know if it resolves the problem. We appreciate your help!

  • Thank you for taking note of the request! In the meantime, I have noticed that in fact, the buttons are still there. It was just that the icons changed, and I thought they would be buttons for skipping entire episodes. Should have tried using them earlier 🙈 So, to me, it seems like this a non-issue and could be marked as resolved. Sorry for the false alarm.

  • No need to apologize, @tondwg2! We get where the confusion is coming from. And we appreciate you reporting back too.

    In any case, we’re releasing a fix for the issue. So, please keep an eye on when version 7.39 is released for your device:


    I’ll go ahead and close the thread.

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