New Episodes Not Updated

  • Hi, I noticed that Pocket Casts does not update new episodes of

    The most recent episode on Pocket Cast is from March 30, 2015, while on other platforms it is from October 23, 2023.

    Would it be possible to update it?

  • I just checked on your feed’s information in our system, and I see that it had been disabled, likely due to inactivity.

    I have, however, re-enabled it and refreshed it. Try checking for the episodes now.

  • @staff-frank Thank you for your support, but unfortunately the situation has not changed…

    I checked the RSS and found that the file type x-m4a in the enclosure tag has been changed to mpeg since the episode with pubDate “Sun, 23 Apr 2017 14:08:34 +0000”, the one is the earliest missing episode. I hope this gives you some clues.

    I’m using Pocket Casts on iPhone 13 mini with iOS 17.1.1.

  • We’d be happy to help you look into this further. To do so, can you please share at least one of the following with us?

    • Podcast listing on other platforms like Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts
    • Official site
    • RSS feed URL
  • @staff-frank Of course!

    BTW, this is my second short reply as yesterday’s post didn’t show up. Sorry if this is a multi-post.

  • Thanks for sharing that! Checking in on our server and how it’s doing I see that every time it checks the feed there, it gets an HTML page shown to it, instead of the feed. This means it can’t update with podcasts in Pocket Casts for the feed. This is usually due to security on a site that prevents bots from accessing it, as our server will look like a bot to it. This is something only the podcast creators can correct.

  • @staff-mobilefox Thank you for further investigation!
    I will first share this thread with the owner of the podcast.

    This is usually due to security on a site that prevents bots from accessing it, as our server will look like a bot to it.

    If so, the request from the Pocket Casts server would contain some reason for being blocked from the URL.
    I tried accessing the URL via Google Chrome and curl and both returned the RSS feed correctly, so there has to be some difference in the request from the Pocket Casts server.
    Would it be possible for you to share the request headers and/or source IPs of the Pocket Casts server so that the site owner can identify the request?

  • @at6ue, I’ve reached out to our developers for assistance with looking into why we’re unable to process this feed as expected. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we have updates to share or if we need additional information from you.

  • @at6ue, our developers have looked at this podcast. Pocket Casts uses a user-agent specific to Pocket Casts, and when using this user-agent with curl, the RSS feed url returns an html page, even though the content-type says application/rss+xml.

    In essence, the podcast’s server needs to be fixed, either in its content or its content-type header, so that it consistently returns XML. Can you please share this information with the podcast owner as well?

  • @staff-cara Thank you for investigating!
    Now I could reproduce the HTML response by sending a request whose User-Agent starts with “Pocket”. (I don’t know why but “Rocket” does not reproduce it :/ )

    I will share this with the owner.

  • I found that the server returns mobile pages according to User-Agent. And all episodes are available now!

    Thank you for all your help :)

  • Glad to hear that, @at6ue! Thanks to you too for following up and taking the time to report back to us. 😄 I’ll go ahead and close this thread now, but please feel free to open a new one if you need help with anything else.

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