Played podcasts still showing on widget

  • The widget on my (Android) phone is showing multiple podcasts, and I’d like to know how to clear these from the widget

    I’ve attached some screenshots which show the widget displaying different podcast episodes. These are all visible by swiping on the widget.

    These are all episodes which I’ve not only listened to but deleted. And the episode shown in the last of the below images is actually showing up twice on the widget.

  • My screenshots don’t appear to have uploaded, and if click to edit then I’m told that I can’t create new topics.


    Pocket Casts support – I can email you the screenshots if you want to see them.

  • First of all, sorry for the problem you’re having when trying to upload the screenshots!

    I’d like to see them to better understand the problem. But before that, if you close the Pocket Casts app (so not letting it run in the background), did you still encounter the duplicate/multiple podcasts on those widgets?

    If that doesn’t help, just let us know and we can send you an initial email so you can reply it and send your screenshots. Thank you!

  • @awj100 I’m running into the same problem with not being able to upload screenshots. It appears to be a permissions issue within WordPress.

  • Hi staff-fred,

    Yes, the issue persists when I force-close the app. Thankfully it does not persist across restarts of the phone.

  • Hey, folks! I’m asking our developers about why uploading screenshots isn’t working. So, please bear with us in the meantime.

    @beniven Are you running into this same issue with the widgets? If yes, are you also using an Android device?

    @awj100 I’ve just emailed you so you can reply with your screenshots. In addition, just to make sure we’re on the same page, when you say the issue “does not persist across restarts of the phone,” do you mean the issue hasn’t happened again after you’ve restarted your phone?

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