Podcasts skipping or starting by themselves

  • I am using pocketcasts on an Android Samsung A52S phone.

    I have an issue that quite often, podcasts seem to skip forward or back to a random place in the podcast and/or they start or stop playing randomly.

    I suspect this is possibly caused by the music controls being available on the phone without logging in and somehow the phone is getting randomly pressed in my pocket.

    Can this be disabled so that the music controls can’t be inadvertently altered just by walking along? I could not see an obvious way to do this neither in the pocketcasts settings nor in the phone settings.

  • Hi, @patrickswarner! It seems that you’re looking for a way to disable the lock screen music player. Is my understanding correct?

    If yes, the exact location will vary according to each device, but please go to your phone’s Settings > Lock screen > Widgets. You can disable “Music” from there. Then, please see if that fixes your issue with playback moving around or stopping/starting at random when your phone is in your pocket.

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