• It’s annoyed me for a long time that I can’t rate podcasts within pocketcasts, so this is a step in the right direction.

    I appreciate the display of ratings, but where is the data from?

    I’ve checked a few pretty old podcasts and they are showing as unrated, which I don’t really get, as any podcast system I’ve looked at shows a rating for the podcast.

    Specifically I’ve looked at Seeds (Seeds Pitchcast). Rated 5* (15 reviews) on Spotify & 5* (11) on Apple.

    Appears to be unrated on Google or Podchaser.

  • Hi, @tombridges458a2c298f! The ratings feature is still in development, so please bear with us while we work on it. Once it’s out of beta, we’ll be posting an announcement with more information on how the ratings work on our blog here:


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